Claim And Protect Your Content

protect online content

If you ever discover that another web site is copying all of your information but trying to pass it off as their own, do not let it go! Sure, it can be taken as a compliment from a certain point of view. But chances are you won’t like it if their pages start outranking your own thanks to you “sharing” your original content with them. Like it or not, they are thieves who must be thwarted!

There are a number of ways you can prevent this scenario from taking place. First, update your content regularly. Search engines like Google consider the first version of indexed, syndicated content to be the original. That means constantly posting new content on your site. Really, this activity should already be a priority for keeping your readers interested in your site. Now you have another reason to do so.

You can also prevent content theft by including links back to your web site in everything that you publish. Add links to everything that you can: images, author tags–everything. People interested in the content you offer are savvy enough to know copycats when they see them. Ensure you show them who “the one and only” really is.

Yet another way content thieves can take advantage of your hard work is through your RSS feed. It’s not always a good idea to provide all of the content in your RSS posts; limit the amount of syndicated content to about one-third of the total, original post. Then, add a “read more at” link to the feed post.

That way, you not only take steps to protect your content, but you also encourage people to visit your site and all it contains rather than the mere feed.